Quadrail Superwide Train
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Bering Strait Tunnel Project Proposal

The QUADRAIL SUPERWIDE TRAIN is a train that rides on four rails.


The tracks would be standard gauge (56 1/2" rail spacing) and two pairs of tracks would be gauged 15 feet from center-to-center, by common ties (presumably reinforced concrete). (This would add an extra five feet per tie.)


The QUADRAIL  TRAIN would be about 25 feet wide (2 1/2 times the width of a standard gauge train) and haul 2 1/2 to 3+ times the freight of a standard gauge train.




The QUADRAIL freight trains would haul from two and a half to over three times the freight, per given length, of a standard gauge train. This would improve the energy efficiency of rail transportation.


QUADRAIL automobile carrier flatcars would be rapidly side-loaded and unloaded, making them an attractive alternative to long distance drives on interstate roadways, thus reducing highway congestion.


The passenger QUADRAIL train would be more comfortable than a standard gauge passenger train, have a lower center-of-gravity, due to its greater width, and higher speed capability, smoother ride and stability.


Furthermore, existing standard gauge trains could use the QUADRAIL tracks as well. No special track would be required, as is the case for a “LIM”, or “Mag-Lev” train.

View more photos of the train models or a video of the functional models by clicking the links above.

Train Models.


Rail Path.